Prague Reflections--part 2

July 3, 2012—Busy weekend! I taught a contact improvisation workshop at Druna from Saturday to Sunday. What fun! I connected somatics concepts to contact and they kept up with me, despite a few language conflicts. There was always someone who spoke English well enough to translate, so I left pauses during lectures for translation. It was fun to hear the concepts put forth in a different language, and to marvel at those who speak two languages so readily—I wish I were one of them!

The pacing was smooth, although I got too far ahead for a real wrap up after the second class. Members of the company were there to help demonstrate and take part. I was able to participate in many parts of the workshop, but not everything. Having HLD dancers there was a great way to bond with the participants, even when I had to observe or consider next steps. It took some of the weight off of my shoulders. Altogether the classes went great!


On Sunday, I taught a LMA concepts class with Rena’s group, who had also taken part in the contact workshop on Saturday. They have covered much ground together. I had occasional challenges to get my instructions across (my bad), but they understood the theories readily. Such a good group! In between workshops, Petra, one of Rena’s students helped me with some spinal adjustments through Dieter Dorn.

Sunday night, our whole troupe managed to have supper together. Several of them left town that night or the next day. We had had spots of friction, adjustments to living with new people, but overall got along well.


It is quiet here now, at least while Maya naps. We spend our days at the playground or finding gelato shops. Maya has found a friend: Sunny, a 5-year-old Californian living in Japan. We all went out to feed the swans yesterday. I am ecstatic about this trip! not the least because I have a few days to recover.

Malcolm Shute and Maya Shute

Malcolm Shute and Maya Shute