Prague Reflections

Anonymous (not verified)

Sat, 2013-08-10 19:13

I love the photos and your thoughts... we had a great time... and I hope there will be more of that.

July 6, 2013Having the strange experience of flying business class. I’m in an airport lounge enjoying free wine. What has my life come to?Prague LMA workshopI’m near the end of my Prague trip. What to say about Prague, except that I’m sorry to leave? I taught a four-day workshop at Dancelab. It was mostly Laban Movement Analysis, with a 3-hour contact improvisation class. What fun! My students were very engaged and willing to play movement games. Overall, I thought my teaching went well. I had one idea pretty much bomb, but that's not bad for four days. We spent a lot of time in the park, watching kids for Vision Drive, moving through Dimensions and Diameters. I got to know a great group of people over a short period. I hope I can come again.At night, we went out to pubs and sat outside, under the pink walls of human-sized buildings, and talked about physics, dance, and art. Such quiet nights in the cool Prague air!Prague LMA workshopWe saw some lovely art: Shaw’s wild, sexy, intensely detailed fantasies, DeMartini‘s playful chrome globes. Rena took me to see Akram Khan’s solo show. For an hour and a half, he held us, switching scenes, media, storylines just when my attention began to flag. Such riveting images: dangling above the ground in a forest of fabric strips, sitting in a high chair made to dwarf his size, approaching the whirling fan of an airplane engine.Rena Milgrom was my good friend during my stay. She looked after me, fed me, kept me from being lonely. I stayed at her studio—what luxury to dance at any time of day or night! When I grow up, I will build a studio for wherever I live and dance there when the mood strikes me.Tonight, I visit my old friend Seema Malhotra in her London place. Seema, who I met at college, is an MP now. Funny how we get older and suddenly people think we are adults.Prague workshop: passion drive