Dancing in Philadelphia's Parks

On July 12 and 13, 2008, Human Landscape Dance performed Rituals of the First Year in Clark Park and Liberty Lands as part of our Out of Bounds program. This program brings dance to people who might not ordinarily seek it out. We perform for free in public spaces, such as parks, fountains, stairwells, against walls, along sidewalks, etc. These performances also highlight the beauty of those spaces. Performing in an unlikely place reveals that all places are potential sites for art and, therefore, are works of art themselves. Art surrounds us in trees, wind, street sounds, sun or rain, grass or pavement, heat, and dirt.

Leaving Home, July 2008, Liberty Lands, Philly

It was a hot weekend when we performed in Philly. In Clark Park, we performed near the Saturday farmer's market, shaded by trees. In Liberty Lands, we performed in the sun, giving audience the shade. Both performances were well attended: twenty to forty Philadelphians stopped to watch. Our dances complemented the features of the parks. In "Leaving Home," dancers, sunk into the grass, moved blindly as in a womb. "Falling Behind" showed a child growing up: tracing images on the sidewalk in chalk, then tracing along the arms and backs of other dancers. In "Looking Over My Shoulder," a man was tied to a tree and struggled to escape. We helped Philadelphians look at their parks and their city in a new light.

Looking Over My Shoulder, Clark Park, Philly

We will bring our compelling dances to Philadelphia's Painted Bride on Saturday May 29 at 8pm and Sunday May 30 at 3pm. The Philadelphia/Washington DC Exchange is a shared concert with Anne-Marie Mulgrew and Dancers Company. Philadelphia icon Anne-Marie Mulgrew will premiere "Burn" and restage "The Big Dance." We will premiere "January Night" and "Closet Dances."

Human Landscape Dance is a contemporary dance company based in Washington DC. Our work explores original movement in the context of human situations. We show the transformation of relationships over time through the medium of touch. Founded in 2006, Human Landscape Dance has since performed in cities along the east coast of the US and in London UK. We perform in theaters and in public spaces, such as parks, galleries, stairwells, and fountains.

Malcolm Shute
Artistic Director


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January Night--world premiere May 29, 2010

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